The Strategic Dialogue on the Future of EU Agriculture

The Strategic Dialogue on the Future of EU Agriculture convened earlier this week in Brussels and ECCA welcomes the opportunity to submit our contribution that we hope will inform the recommendations of the Strategic Dialogue and feed into the next Commission’s work programme.

Acknowledging the significant role of agriculture in the European and global economies, ECCA will be calling for greater recognition of the need for pragmatic, science-based approaches to crop protection. Our contributions focus on creating equal market conditions, streamlining regulatory processes, and promoting responsible communication regarding the value for EU farming and agricultural technologies.

ECCA advocates for policies that balance environmental concerns with the practical needs of farmers. This includes ensuring timely authorisation of crop protection products and reducing discrepancies in regulatory application across Member States.

We recognise the importance of defending the industrial capacity of the European crop protection industry while fostering innovation and adhering to the principles of the Green Deal. Our commitment lies in promoting economic and social sustainability within the agricultural sector.

ECCA is committed to constructive dialogue and responsible stewardship as we collectively navigate the future of European agriculture.

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