The European Crop Care Association ECCA is the pan-European voice of the post-patent plant protection industry. ECCA was founded at a crucial time in agricultural history, with farmers needing more cost competitiveness in their production of crops. It is composed of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) offering high quality supply of innovative plant protection products.

Our Organisation

The Board of Directors

The Secretariat

Fast Facts about ECCA Members

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What ECCA offers to its Members:

Regulatory Excellence

ECCA provides its members with regulatory expertise across several critical domains:

  • Staying at the forefront of European regulatory developments (including participating in EC Consultations, Surveys, Hearings,..)
  • Providing accurate interpretation and supporting in the implementation of regulatory mandates
  • Ensuring that industry insights are incorporated into legislative processes
  • Fostering discussions with technical and regulatory authorities
  • Offering technical advice on legal matters in alignment with the mission of the association, while also supporting Members’ legal actions

Advocacy Expertise

Advocacy stands as a pivotal tool within ECCA, driving the association’s objectives and delivering paramount value to its Members:

  • Designing and implementing tailored advocacy strategies  specifically for our sector, creating a favorable environment that fosters business growth for Members of ECCA
  • Providing continuity and consistency in regulatory and legal activities
  • Engaging stakeholders and policymakers in meaningful discussions through facilitation of dialogues on crop protection issues in Europe and across Member States

Impact Communication Strategy

Communication lies at the heart of ECCA’s operations, driving both internal cohesion and external outreach

  • Members have access to regular, exclusive updates on:
    • Political advancements
    • Regulatory shifts
    • Key events
    • Updates and discussions within specialised Working Groups of ECCA
  • Provides opportunities for the exchange of best practices and exceptional projects among ECCA members
  • Plays a pivotal role in bolstering advocacy initiatives and effectively handling legal matters
  • Ensures the voice of Members remains central to all campaigns and strategies of ECCA
  • Offers a robust communication platform for Members during crisis management scenarios


The European Crop Care Association is a founding member of AgroCare, the global Association that represents the generic agrochemical industry.  AgroCare supports the right of generic agrochemical producers to play a crucial role in offering one of the most needed solutions to face today’s global food production challenges.

AgroCare provides a uniform and clear voice at international organizations such as WTO, WHO, FAO, etc., and contributes to the FAO Joint Meetings on Pesticide Management. AgroCare represents 850 crop protection companies worldwide.

AgroCare Member Associations

China Crop Protection Industry Association: http://www.ccpia.com.cn/en/

ECCA (European Crop Care Association)

PMFAI (Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India): http://www.pmfai.org/