Press Release: Post patent plant protection products ‘strategic’ opportunity for policymakers to present green transition benefits for EU farmers

Senior industry spokesperson calls for European farmers access to post patent plant protection products at industry conference on the legislative and strategic changes in the field of PPP

Bratislava, Slovakia – 18 April 2024 – The incorrect interpretation of EU regulations on post patent plant protection products (PPP) and their implementation at the national level is blocking opportunities for millions of farmers across Europe. This was the message delivered today by Manuel Duarte, Regulatory Director at the European Crop Care Association (ECCA), at the Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference, Registration of Plant Protection Products, in Bratislava.

“Today we see major flaws in how EU regulations are interpreted and how rules and regulations are implemented across the European Union. One example is that of the artificial extension of data protection of necessary studies for the renewal of approval of an active substance and authorisation of a plant protection product. Very often, delays in the renewal procedure at Member State level mean that the necessary studies are protected well beyond the legislatively prescribed 30 months,” said Mr Durate.

These regulatory challenges are causing a reduced and delayed approval of post patent plant protection products in several EU countries, resulting in reduced tools for farmers to sustainably protect their crops – pushing up food insecurity for European consumers.

As he emphasised during the conference, post patent plant protection products are critical to ensure a sustainable transition to the new model of agriculture set by the European Green Deal. “These benefits become especially strategic as European policymakers are desperate today to show protesting farmers how the green transition can benefit them,” he added.

Post patent plant protection products are crucial and affordable solutions for farmers to protect their crops sustainably, and by nature of being approved and with a safe history of use, are urgently needed by farmers with fewer new substances and products available today.

Mr Duarte urged EU countries to address the artificial extension of data protection, resulting in the delayed approval of post patent plant protection products, and leverage existing legislative tools, such as the provisions of Article 34 to ensure access to additional plant protection solutions for European farmers.

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